Yes, friends. Yesterday we got to the fifth and last day of Mad Cool 2022. Last but not least, it gave us memorable performances by Red Blood Shoes, Jack White, Tones & I, Two Door Cinema Club, Sam Fender, La M.O.D.A., Princess Nokia and Peach Tree Rascals, among others.

What we first witnessed at stage 4 (The Loop) left us amazed, almost gobsmacked -one more time, it was not the first time we watched them live-. BLOOD RED SHOES, from Brighton, England, decided to shoot their classics first -but for Bangsar, from 2019’s album ‘Get Tragic’-. It’s Getting Boring by the Sea, Light It Up and An Animal where the chosen tools by the garage rock band (formed in 2004) to electrify us during the first part of the set so that we could be definitely hypnotised with the tunes of MURDER ME, Eye to Eye, MORBID FASCINATION. Laura-Mary Carter (guitar and vocals) and Steven Ansell (drums and vocals) were not alone up there. In the most recent songs the presence of keys and synths was clear and superb. Back to their first album Box of Secrets (2008), they played I Wish I Was Someone Better, which was incredibly acclaimed by the audience. The show closer was Elijah, from the ‘Get Tragic’ album. We are still shocked by your gig, guys, and we hope to see you soon again!!!

Singer-songwriter, actor and model SAM FENDER was next on main stage 1. Samuel Thomas Fender (1994) brought us a very intimate gig. From North Shields, England, he was very concerned, almost devastated by a tragedy in his personal life, as a relative had passed away recently. The audience loved his heartland rock set, and ended up in a huge acclaim when the show closers Seventeen Going Under, and Hypersonic Missiles

Back to stage 4 (THE LOOP!) TONES AND I – A.K.A. Toni Watson, Tones, Tonah…- impressed the public with her new songs. Even though she did not choose the right clothes for a heat wave as the one we were are going through, the indie pop singer & songwriter, and record producer from Frankston, Victoria, Australia (possibly, having visited the Australian desert made it easier to stand her own sweat getting in her eyes). Rainbows on the screens -for the ‘pride’ occasion-, flying autographed frisbees and drum heads sweetened a great performance that included magical moments like You’re So Fucking Cool, and Forever Young (Alphaville cover), played from a real haunted house’s balcony -yep, they probably spent three hours setting it-. Memories from the good old times when she would play music in the streets. Dance Monkey (super-hit everyone was expecting) and Fly Away, in which party time started to say goodbye to the public. Tones was truly joyful and had a thankful attitude towards life and to the audience during all the gig, both with her words and her screens and audio tapes between songs. Thank you! Great time!


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