Yesterday was our last night at FIB 2019. The festivals 25th edition gave us monumental concerts by bands and artists such as VETUSTA MORLA,

CHERRY GLAZERR, noise pop band from Los Angeles, California, presented their third album Stuffed & Ready (2019) with deep impact hits like Wasted Nun, Daddi, Juicy Socks, That’s Not My Real Life and Self Explained.
Formed in 2013 and after some changes in their line up Clementine Creevy (lead vocals, guitar), Tabor Allen (drums) and Devin O’Brien (bass) also played their anthem White’s Not My Color This Evening from their LP Haxel Princess (2014), and Told You I’d Be With the Guys, Apocalipstick, and Nurse Ratched from Apocalipstick (2017). They have spectacular songs and they proved it, but leader Creevy should find a way to give more presence to her voice in the final result. It is like the music is asking for it. Anyway she makes it up with her skills to play harmonic guitar riffs and sing at once.

From Hertford, England, folk, roots rock, GEORGE EZRA provided us with one of the most beautiful, danceable and cheerful sets of the night. He introduced his second album Staying at Tamara’s (2018) with songs such as Don’t Matter Now (show opener), All My Love, Get Away, Hold My Girl, Paradise, Pretty Shining People and Shotgun (show closer). From his debut album Wanted on Voyage (2014) the songwriter performed Barcelona, Budapest -one Ezra’s flagships- and Blame It on Me – which included a few minutes of brass party time with musicians taking control and moving around on the stage-.

EZRA FURMAN, androgynous songwriter from Chicago, Illinois, brought his intimate art pop and alternative rock and roll to FIB 2019. Furman presented his last album Twelve Nudes (Ezra Furman & the band with no name, 2019) with songs such as Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone, Evening Prayer aka Justice and I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (which brought the high school prom to its climax, as if Michael J. Fox was about to jump onstage, like in Back to the Future). Notwithstanding, most of the songs on the setlist were from previous LP, Transangelic Exodus (Ezra Furman & The Visions, 2018), with Driving Down to L.A., Love You So Bad, Maraschino-Red Dress $8.99 at Goodwill, No Place, Psalm 151 and Suck the Blood from My Wound. He also gave us some tunes from Perpetual Motion People (Ezra Furman & The Boy-Friends, 2015). Some of us were expecting his cover of Vampire Weekend’s Unbelievers, but we expected wrong.

Next, back to the main stage – Las Palmas – Radio 3 Stage, we witnessed a gig we were longing for. From Glasgow, Scotland, indie post-punk revival band FRANZ FERDINAND leaded by the almighty Alex Kapranos (lead vocals, lead guitar), and missing Paul Thomson (drums, percussion, backing vocals). 11:01 AM, July 6th, 2019. Franz Ferdinand (@Franz_Ferdinand) tweeted: “We’re sad to say that Paul’s finger was crushed by an ugly piece of art which fell from the wall of a hotel lobby in Casablanca. The bone has splintered into small pieces and he is unable to hold a drumstick without experiencing intense pain.” And then, they announced:  “Paul will be unable to continue this tour while it heals. We are happy to welcome our friend Mike Evans who will stand in for him temporarily.” But we were surprised and glad when Kapranos introduced Thomson while he walked on the stage, arm in plaster cast. Thomson could not play the drums but he had and awesome time with his fans singing and dancing and playing a cabasa.

Franz Ferdinand are still touring their fifth album, Always Ascending (2018), with their bassist Bob Hardy, and members added in 2017 Julian Corrie (keyboard, rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Dino Bardot (rhythm guitar, backing vocals). Their setlist was like a decrescendo in their timeline. The Scottish group understands their audience prefers it like that: many hits from their first three albums, and a subtle innuendo of their two last. From Franz Ferdinand (2004): Michael, Take Me Out, The Dark of the Matinée,This Fire (show closer). From You Could Have It So Much Better (2005), its hits Do You Want To and Walk Away. From Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (2009), Lucid Dreams, No You Girls (show opener) and Ulysses.
And from Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013), Love Illumination and Right Action. From their last album they chose, as usual, Always Ascending and Glimpse of Love.
The concert was made up of pure energy, with no time for decay. Guitar dialogues, truly expressive basslines, together with substitute Evans’ that did not dissapoint us at all and Thomson’s cabasa and backing vocals gave Kapranos the perfect environment too make clear they ruled and they keep on doing, in really good shape, both brisk and crisp.

VETUSTA MORLA took a step ahead then. They are a Spanish indie rock band from Madrid. They have been playing together for over twenty years now. In February 2008 they released their first feature, Un día en el mundo (A day in the world). Mapas (maps, 2011), was their second album. They released their third album, La deriva (drift, 2014). In 2017 they publish their fourth album Mismo sitio, distinto lugar (Same site, different place).
The band was named after the giant old turtle character from the film The NeverEnding Story, (“vetusta” in Spanish is synonymous with old, old woman). Lead singer Pucho, has consolidated as a huge front man in a band that cares rythms, melodic and harmonic factors enormously. The setlist included the complete tracklist of their first LP (twelve songs), from which the most remarkable were Copenhague (one of the best Spanish pop songs),
Sálvese quien pueda, Valiente and La cuadratura del círculo. From Mapas they played three songs because, as Pucho explained, they were composed back in the same days the songs in Un día en el mundo. They were Boca en la tierra, Maldita dulzura and Los días raros (show closer).

The night wasn’t over yet. Many acts, like Black Lips and Hot Dub Time Machine were waiting for us and made us had a great time before saying goodbye to FIB2019. We can’t wait for the 25th anniversary (1995-2020) next year in FIB 2020. Stay tuned for early birds tickets!!! That’ll be the best way to be sure you don’t miss FIB 2020 and you’ll get the best price!!!

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