Yesterday, Friday July 20th we will have on the stages The Killers, Eric Prydz, The Vaccines, Catfish and The Bottlemen, The Charlatans, Sleaford Mods, Anna Calvi and many other!!!


Of course, the kings -regardless to the K- were the Killers, who introduced themselves in Spanish as ‘Los Asesinos’. The heartland rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. kept wide open everyone’s eyes. Brandon Flowers’ group are touring Wonderful Wonderful (2017). From this -their fifth- album, they chose The Man (show opener), Run for Cover, The Calling (encore opener, when Flowers suddenly appeared in sequin cowboy outfit disguise) and Tyson vs. Douglas, which sounded just like played Spotify because the respected everything and the recorded voice-over from the album track.

The whole set was amazing as only bands deserving the headlining can make it – but for Smile Like You Mean It which sounded like pitch-lowered, and keys almost inexistent. Nevertheless, magic radiated from the stage to the tunes of Somebody Told Me, Spaceman, The Way It Was and For Reasons Unknown. In this song drums were played by a fan Flowers chose from the public making sure he was a Spanish. Drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. tutored his guest properly and the kid was very applauded. The frontman spoke his best Spanish and asked for light ‘Dadme vuestra luz!’ for A Dustland Fairytale. Read My Mind -with special guest Ryan Evan McCann (lead vocalist for Catfish and The Bottlemen, who had been playing hours before on that same stage),

All These Things That I’ve Done and finally When You Were Young were the main set closers. After The Calling (sequin cowboy outfit as said before), Human -introduced with certain philosophic and philanthropic meaning on the screens-, and Mr. Brightside, the show closer. This mega hit from their first album Hot Fuss (2004) was a nice surprise for us because it was started with a cover of itself which made it difficult to be identified, and then all of a sudden the original version exploded onto the attendants, who possibly by this time are still bouncing up and down.

But much more happened yesterday in FIB 2018. The Vaccines, landed today on FIB 2018’s main stage and starting unleashing their hits. Hits such as Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra), Teenage Icon, Wetsuit, Post Break-Up Sex, Handsome, I Always Knew and If You Wanna. Justin Hayward-Young’s garage surf rock band smashed it with their fourth, last album Combat Sports (2018) before an impressed audience!!! Nightclub (show opener), Out On The Street and Your Love Is My Favourite Band and I Can’t Quit (show closer) were the songs picked up by the group from West London, England.

Hours before, Catfish and The Bottlemen, had been teaching a lesson in indie post-punk revival also at the main stage of the festival. The band from Llandudno, North Wales, UK, formed by Ryan Evan McCann (lead vocals, guitars), Benji Blakeway (bass), Robert Hall (drums) and Johnny Bond (guitars) played hits from their popular first album, The Balcony (2014) such as Homesick, Kathleen, Pacifier, Cocoon and Tyrants, and from ‘new’ songs from their last LP record, The Ride (2016) such as Soundcheck, Twice and 7. They spent some time touring as opening act for Green Day. Is possibly that the reason for no more new material?

Swedish producer Eric Prydz, performed the progressive tech house sound of his Opus (2016) in a two hour set that made even the ground vibrate.

On the second stage, Sleaford Mods, from Nottingham, England spitted their irreverent and minimalist electro-punk on not many witnesses that could afford missing The Vaccines on the main stage. A shocking part of the show was watching Jason Williamson as the audience to ‘watch their language’ little before claiming ‘where the fuck are you going, this is it, this is what it has always been!’. Even more shocking was watching Andrew Fearn tap the play button and stepping back to enjoy his eternal can of beer… even though we do know ‘that was it, that was what it has always been’…

Last but not least, Anna Calvi’s show of art rock. The singer and guitarist from Twickenham, England, is very popular especially for her style at playing the guitar. She presented some songs from her upcoming third album Hunter -to be released next month- like As A Man, Hunter, and Indies Or Paradise.

Today will be the turn for Pet Shop Boys, Chase and Status (Live), The Kooks, Belle & Sebastian, Giggs, Metronomy, The Horrors, Toundra, Monarchy and many more awesome concerts!!! Will you witness it or not???

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